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The Fly Dressers' Guild

Established 1967
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Constitution and other matters
Current Constitution and Rules
To see the current version of our Constitution and Rules, please click here.  This version incorporates all the changes approved at the November 2014 AGM.
In general, the Constitution and Rules may only be altered or rescinded at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting called for the purpose.
A proposal to alter the Constitution and Rules must be submitted by a member, in writing, to the General Secretary at least seventy days prior to the date set for the AGM.
Editorial Policy
The Guild encourages members to submit articles for publication in its magazine, Flydresser. Please have a look at our Guidelines and Editorial Policy.
Conflict of Interest Policy
The Guild has developed a Conflict of Interest Statement to address circumstances where Guild members with fly tying or fly fishing businesses could profit (or be seen to be profiting) from their association with the Guild, except as provided by the Constitution and Rules. 
Members with fly tying or fly fishing interests should review these rules and ensure they adhere to them.  
Last modified on 16 March, 2017