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Established 1967
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One of the limitations of using Microsoft's Office 365 system for our website has been that Microsoft and Adobe haven't got their act together to allow PDF documents to open up within the browser - instead, you have to save it to your computer first and then open it. 
For now there is a workaround which does allow PDFs to open up in Internet Explorer and Safari and some other browsers.  So most of you will have been able to open the patterns and other PDFs normally, as you would on a typical website. 
In the past documents longer than a page or two haven't opened up fully for iPad users, or at all for those who use Firefox.  This problem may now be resolved but one of my first main tasks as the new Webmaster will be to work on a complete revamp of the web site technology such that it will be rebuilt using specialist web development tools that will provide a much greater degree of flexibility and full conformity with modern web standards,

In the meantime we have set up a documents library below with simple links to all the PDFs shown elsewhere on this website.  It doesn't look pretty, but it should allow you to access our PDF files by downloading them onto your computer or tablet and then opening them up. 
If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please contact Mike Doran at
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  Flydresser patterns

Patterns - Ace of Spades (Spring 2009) opt - 450KB.pdf 

Patterns - Alder Larva (Summer 2004) opt - 500 KB.pdf 

Patterns - Atomic Anchovy (Summer 2010) opt - 830 KB.pdf 

Patterns - Baigent's Brown (Summer 2007) 2.1MB.pdfPatterns - Ballinaroone (Winter 2003) opt - 520KB.pdf Patterns - Black Peacock and Coral Tadpole (Autumn 2004) 400KB.pdf 

Patterns - Black Pennell 200KB.pdf

Patterns - Blue Charm (Autumn 2009) 1.1MB.pdf

Patterns - Bugpole (Winter 2007) 200KB.pdf


Patterns - Copper Bugger (Summer 2004) opt - 720 KB.pdf

Patterns - Cosseboom (Spring 2011) opt - 120KB.pdf

Patterns - Daffyd Lloyd (Autumn 2010) opt - 290KB.pdf

Patterns - Glass Bead Buzzers (Autumn 2005) 0.4MB.pdfPatterns - Green Machine (Winter 2009) 650KB.pdfPatterns - Green Highlander - 150 KB.pdf

Patterns - Gorgeous George - Trout version (Summer 2009) 4MB.pdf  

Patterns - Hair Hackle Hares Nymph (Winter 2003) opt - 490KB.pdf

Patterns - Halfback (Spring 2007) opt - 550KB.pdf

Patterns - Hydro Fly (Flydresser Spring 2011) opt - 590KB.pdf

Patterns - Invicta (Autumn 2005) opt - 1MB.pdf

Patterns - J G Emerger (Spring 2004) opt - 925KB.pdf   
Patterns - Leadhead (Winter 2003) 0.5MB.pdf  

Patterns - Marabou Damsel (Spring 2004) 620KB.pdf

Patterns - Muddler Minnow (Winter 2007) 650KB.pdf

Patterns - No Name Fly (Spring 2003) 150KB.pdf  

Patterns - One Up Mayfly (Spring 2004) opt - 1MB.pdf

Patterns - Professor (Summer 2010) opt - 710KB.pdfPatterns - Pulling Hopper (Winter 2004) opt - 730KB.pdf 

Patterns - Red Ghost Special (Winter 2010) opt - 0.7KB.pdf 

Patterns - Rolled Wing Olive (Winter 2010) opt - 440KB.pdf 

Patterns - Rosy Dawn Complete (Autumn 2004 - Spring 2005) opt - 1.8MB.pdf

Patterns - Silver Doctor variant (Summer 2011) opt - 580KB.pdf

Patterns - Skating Caddis (Summer 2010) opt - 1MB.pdf

Patterns - Soldier Palmer variant (Summer 2011) opt - 430KB.pdf

Patterns - Snaelda (Autumn 2008) 2.7MB.pdf  
Patterns - Teeny Nymph (Spring 2007) 850KB.pdfPatterns - Terry's Terror (Winter 2007) 400KB.pdfPatterns - Tiger Nymph (Spring 2004) opt - 1.4MB.pdf
Patterns - Virtual Minnow (Spring 2010) 4.5MB.pdf Patterns - Vulnerable Dun (Winter 2007) - 1.8MB.pdf 

Patterns - Yellow Dung Fly (Mar 2014) 258KB.pdf


 Contributions from Members


Patterns - Black and Blue Coment - Stillwater.pdf

Patterns - Brian's Fly.pdf

Patterns - Chickabou Emerger - Johan Klingberg 225KB.pdf

Patterns - Cove Pheasant Tail 210KB.pdf

Patterns - Flank Feather Shadow Mayfly - Geoff Wilcox - 0.5MB.pdf 

Patterns - Fluff Cat.pdf

Patterns - Sebastian Something.pdf

Patterns - Soldier Beetle Variations - Alan Middleton - 0.3MB.pdf



 Patterns from Overseas Tyers


Patterns - Articulated Stonefly Nymph - Sergio Cordoba - 0.5MB.pdf  

Patterns - Thunder and Lightning variant - Anders Stahl v2.pdf



  Committee's Choice


Patterns - Black and Yellow - 200KB.pdf


Patterns - Blood worm three ways - 430MB.pdf

Patterns - Diawl Bach - 280MB.pdf


Patterns - Gold Head BFG - 240MB.pdf


Patterns - Pearly Cormorant - 270MB.pdf


Patterns - Sawyer Nymph - 280MB.pdf  

Patterns - Turkey Mayfly Spinner - 280MB.pdf




"Dressings Library" page
"Hints and tips" page
"Other articles" page
  Articles - Tenkara Furled Leaders (Aug 2013).pdf Articles - Watercress and potato cake with trout.pdf

Articles - Trout Fish Cakes recipe.pdf

 Articles - Small Flies (Mar 2013).pdf

Articles - Are you a Non-Smoker (Jan 2013).pdf 

Articles - Furled Pike Leaders (Jan 2013).pdf 

 Articles - Get Down, Deeper and Down (reformatted Dec 2012).pdf

Articles - Thread Comparison (reformatted Nov 2012).pdf 

Articles - Waving the Flag (Oct 2012) v2.pdf

Articles - The rainy season of 2012 - E Wilkinson (Oct 2012).pdf

Articles - Organising Fly Tying Shows - Tom Lee (June 2012).pdf

Articles - Small lake fishing - E Wilkinson (June 2012).pdf

Articles - Small stream fishing - E Wilkinson (May 2012).pdf

Articles - Flies for the Alyn - E Wilkinson (April 2012).pdf

Articles - Fly tying station - E Wilkinson (May 2012).pdf

Articles - A Guide to Tying Flies at Shows and Fairs (reformatted May 2012).pdf

 Articles - Are You Legal.pdf


"Past Masters" page
"Special offers" page
"Speakers' List" page
"Support at Shows" page
Last modified on 04 January, 2015