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Fly Tying Competition
Sponsored by Veniard 


Fly Tying Competition 2017

The results for the 2017 Fly Tying Competition were published in the Summer 2017 issue of Flydresser and can also be found here.  Details of the 2018 competition will be published in the Autumn 2017 of Flydresser. NEW (Sep 2017)

As we are celebrating fifty years of the Fly Dressers’ Guild in 2017, this competition has been set by taking a trip down memory lane and using flies from the first proper magazines produced by the Guild. This means that the majority of the flies are from the late 1980s.

Please join us in thanking Veniard for very kindly sponsoring the competition by providing prizes for the winners: a bag of fly-tying materials, with a retail value of approximately £50. We are also very grateful to Peter Gathercole, who will be judging our entries once again. Overseas members are very welcome to take part.

The patterns were reproduced in short form in Autumn 2016 Flydresser; the original articles may be found through the links below in the section "Dressings in Detail."

How to enter:

  • A brief overview of how to enter is set out below, but please read the full rules set out below and follow the instructions carefully!
  • To take part, you need to submit three identical samples (tied by yourself!) of the fly for the category or categories you chose to enter, together with your duly completed entry form(s).
  • Entries must be received by the Guild Awards Manager by Thursday 30th March 2017 at 5.00 p.m. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • The Novice Trout and Salmon categories are open to tyers who have been tying for less than 2 years and who have not won a prize in a previous FDG or other national competitions.
  • The Open Trout and Salmon categories are for all tyers who have been tying for more than two years and have not won in an FDG competition in the relevant category. If you have been a winner in the category you wish to enter, then please enter in the Prize Winners category.
  • The Dry Fly, Saltwater, Team and Creative categories are open to all FDG members.
  • Winners of multiple categories will only receive one prize.

The full rules and entry form can be obtained through the links below or by sending a SAE to Richard Ellis, FDG Awards Manager, The Belfry, Monks Walk, ASCOT SL5 9AZ.

If you would like to improve the consistency of your flies, and/or are tying flies for a competition, make sure you read Tim Benn's "Prizes and Surprises" article, published in the Winter 2012 issue of Flydresser and available as an extract here.

Summary, rules and entry form:

Competition Categories, Flies and Dressings




Novice Trout Novice

Dry Fly Pheasant Tail

February 1986 Newsletter

Open Trout

Peter Ross

February 1986 Newsletter

Prize Winners Trout

Dev’s Daddy

February 1986 Newsletter

Novice Salmon

Tap Scotch

Summer 1988 Flydresser

Open Salmon

Grape Bucktail

Summer 1987 Flydresser

Prize Winners Salmon

Purple Shrimp

Spring 1987 Flydresser

Dry Fly

Sunset Spinner

Winter 1988 Flydresser


Tony’s Epoxy Fry

Spring 1992 Flydresser



October 1986 Newsletter


Rolt’s Witch

October 1986 Newsletter


Little Red Sedge

October 1986 Newsletter


Grizzly Bourne

October 1986 Newsletter

Creative Fly

A fly of your creation - the only stipulation being that it must have a golden wing or wings.


2017 Dressings in Detail:

For the results of previous competitions please go to:


Last modified on Sunday, September 03, 2017