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Guild Fly Tying Awards Scheme 
What is the Guild Awards Scheme?
The Guild Awards Scheme is an opportunity for members to test their fly tying abilities against a national standard at their own pace and ultimately receive a recognised award.  The scheme is meant to be informative, enjoyable and to encourage co-operation and camaraderie amongst those taking part.
Participation is entirely voluntary.  No branch or member is under any obligation to take part. 
The Awards Scheme is replacing the Guild’s former Accreditation scheme, for the reasons explained below. 

Back in 2007, the Game Anglers Instructors Association (GAIA) was the only body issuing any qualification for fly tying - an instructor’s badge.  The Guild’s Executive Committee thought there should also be a qualification for members who wanted to achieve a similar standard of skill through a structured learning programme but did not wish to become instructors, in the same way that students take an exam or degree course but don’t also have to become teachers to get a certificate or qualification.

A pilot scheme was developed by the Thames Valley Branch of the Guild, which awards badges at three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Thames Valley also designed and self-published a series of three booklets which show the techniques to be learned for each level and the flies that demonstrate them.
The Guild had approached the Open College Network (OCN) with a view to developing the Thames Valley course into a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ), which would raise fly tying from a “hobby” to an acknowledged skill.  Whilst the OCN were supportive of this and much work was done towards achieving this objective, at the Executive Committee meeting of 9th June 2012 it was decided that the practicalities, logistics and costs involved currently preclude us from following that route at this time.
Hence, we have changed the name of the scheme from “Accreditation” to “Guild Awards Scheme”.  However, we intend to continue to work to the OCN framework as much as possible, so that - subject to the successful progress of the scheme – we can re-visit returning to the OCN at a later date and transition smoothly into an NVQ at that point.
Further details
A Syllabus has been published at each of four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Specials; members of The Fly Dressers' Guild who are interested (or potentially interested) in the programme can find out more details in the Members' Area of the website by clicking here.
An increasing number of Guild members have achieved their awards at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels and a number have also achieved Specialist awards - congratulations to all these members! 
Last modified on 30 June, 2016