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News and Events
This page is intended to carry news and updates about the Guild; on other pages in this section you will see:
  • Picture Gallery showing the Guild in action in past events;
  • Details on particular news items or events that warrant a page of their own, such as our Annual Raffle.
If you have any items that you would like to include in our News and Events section, please get in touch with Mike Doran on

Young tyer Ben Beckwith from Thames Valley Branch on Video

These three videos (which will also be featured by Partridge) have been filmed showing Ben Beckwith tying the Spent Olive Dun, GRHE and CDC Sedge.  Ben is a member of the FDG and part of the Partridge Talent Pathway (see

With many thanks to Ben and his family for supporting this project and to Colin Spicer, a member of the Surrey Flydressers Guild and a staunch supporter of the FDG, for his filming and editing.


New Branch of the FDG in East Anglia

  • A new East Anglia Branch was formed in September 2014.  
  • The first meeting of the Branch was held on 16th October in the evening [time to be confirmed] at The Bird in Hand Pub on The Street, Beck Row, Mldenhall IP28 8ES, with FDG General Secretary, Chris Reeves as the guest speaker.  
  • See the Branch Pages for more details 
  • For more details, contact David Smithers on 07918 676 963. 

Fly Tying Workshop 

The FDG has offered members the opportunity to take part in a hands-on fly-tying workshop on grayling patterns.   
This event took place in January 2015 and was highly successful.  A full report will be published soon.


Annual Raffle 2014 Update 

The Fly Dressers' Guild annual raffle was drawn at Sportfish Reading on 14th June 2014.  Congratulations to all our winners and a big thank you to all those who bought tickets and to Sportfish, Snowbee, Guide Fly Fishing and Harvey Angling for the generous donation of prizes.  

The list of winners is available here.  

Fly Tying Competition 2014 Update (May 2014)

The judging of the 2014 Fly Tying competition has been completed and certificates have been dispatched to the winners and runners up. Trophies are being ordered and should be with the winners by 20 June once engraving is completed.

The results will be announced in the Summer issue of Flydresser and posted on the website once the magazine has been published.  

A small begging bowl addressed to members! (Apr 2014)

We have just been offered the chance to promote the FDG at the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships being held in the South West on 6th-8th June, and would like to give each competitor a couple of flies tied by FDG members. They will be placed in a fly box,and form part of a goody bag that will be given to of the 90 each competitors, along with an FDG leaflet and a back issue of Flydresser.

So this is a plea for any spare flies you might have! If, like me, you tie more flies than you'll ever fish with, this is a good opportunity to clear out and organise your boxes! (But no "experienced" flies please!) 

If you can help, please send your flies directly to the FDG Chairman, 

Charles Jardine
Red Brook, 
Dorset SP7 9NT

Please do include your details, so we can acknowledge your contribution! 

If we end up with more flies than we need, it will be a nice situation to be in, but rest assured they will be put to good use at one of our other events, to encourage people to take up fly tying and promote the Guild.

Thank you hugely in anticipation!

Chris Sandford's latest 'Stuff'! is out (Mar 2014)

Trade Member Chris Sandford's latest episode of 'Stuff'! is out - view it here.  If you've missed the previous episodes, you can still see them on this link

A huge thank you to Glasgow Angling Centre and Partridge (Mar 2014)
A huge thank you to Glasgow Angling Centre for supporting the Guild at the Rutland Youth Fly Fishing Day in July with 100 fly boxes, catalogues and carrier bags - a fantastic foundation for the goody bags we'll be handing out to the kids taking part! A huge thank you to Partridge as well for their contribution - our plans are coming together nicely!

We are also assembling packs of flies to put into the goody bags - if you have spare stillwater flies you would like to donate, please get in touch with Chris Reeves on 

Lastly, we are keen to hear from:
  • fly-tiers willing to help children tie their first fly;
  • experienced boatmen willing to take children out on Rutland Water in the afternoon.

If you can support the event in any way, please get in touch with Chris Reeves on

If you'd like to find out more about the event, please follow this link.

New Scottish Branch: Milngavie Fly Dressers (Jan 2014)

We're delighted to announce that the Milngavie Fly Dressers have decided to become a branch of the Guild - please join us in extending a warm welcome to our new members!  

Details of where and when the new branch meets can be found on the Scotland Branches page and a map showing the location of their venue on our Branches map.  

 Spring Bank Fly Fishing Competition (Jan 2014)

We know that the weather at the time of the AGM can be less somewhat miserable, so - ever the optimists - we have introduced another bank fishing competition for members in the Spring.  For more details on the 2014 inaugural event and the entry form, see below.  

 46th AGM and 2nd Bank Fly Fishing Competition (Aug 2013)

As per the Notice of AGM published in the Summer 2013 issue of Flydresser, the Guild's 46th AGM will be held at Lechlade Trout Fishery on Sunday 27th October starting at 10:00 am, to be followed by a friendly bankside fishing competition from the end of the AGM to 4:00 p.m., with some light refreshments at the end. 

For more details on the AGM and to secure your place in the fishing competition, please go to our AGMs and SGMs page and click on the "Notice of AGM" link. 

Fly Tying Competition and Big Fish Competition Survey - NOW CLOSED
As highlighted in the Summer edition of Flydresser,  entries for this year's Fly-Tying Competition were down and many of the better Guild fly-tiers did not take part. The Big Fish Competition has virtually no entries.  

We are asking Guild members to provide specific feedback on both competitions before we decide whether and how to go ahead with them in 2013/14.

We are only asking 8 questions  - please help us by taking part in the survey!


Guild updates on Twitter (May 2013)
We are now publicising Guild events on Twitter (@FDG_Updates) and also on our Facebook page (Fly Dressers Guild). We avoid inanities and we're not prolific, so if you do social media, do follow us or check us out from time to time!

New branch of the Guild forming in Devon (May 2013)
Roadford Lake Country Park, Lower Goodacre, Broadwoodwidger, Devon PL16 0JL 
(between Okehampton & Launceston)
Roadford and District Flydressers Guild (since re-named Devon & Cornwall Branch) are pleased to announce that their first meeting will take place at The Water Sports Centre at Roadford Lake Country Park on Tuesday 11th June - 7:00 pm for a 7:30 pm start.  Charles Jardine will be in attendance.  Thereafter, meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of each month, with 2-3 meetings at Stithians Lake near Redruth in Cornwall. If you are interested, or for more details, please contact Wes Ower on  

Directions: from the A30, exit for Roadford Lake. The entrance to the sports and sailing club can be found on your right about a mile past the dam follow this lane and the meeting site will be next to the fishing permit office.

Longleat Fishing & Country Show on 14th & 15th June - (May 2013)

Fantastic promotion offer for FDG members - discount on 'Limited Edition' advance tickets 
Buy advance 'Limited Edition' tickets for the Longleat Fishing and Country Show today and receive a huge discount on the normal prices: the first 500 bookings will pay just £10 adult and £5 for a child - this means that a family can save a further £10 on the already discounted family ticket, making a fantastic saving of £18.
To buy, just visit the Longleat website and quote Promotion Code FDG001. It's as simple as that!
In addition to this amazing offer, you'll also benefit from Fast Track entry thus avoiding any queues AND you'll be able to enter the Free Draw for some stunning prizes. Don't wait till tomorrow - buy tickets today! 

For more details on the Guild's presence at the show, please see the Guild Events page.

eBay Auction of Fly-fishing and Shooting Books - (Apr 2013)
The Guild is using eBay to auction a number of fly-fishing and shooting books on behalf of a member, with part of the proceeds going to the Guild.  The auctions will be closing during the early afternoon of Saturday 20th April.  You can view the listings by following thislink, or searching eBay for seller "Reevo999".  Bid generously if you want them!

Update re Terry Griffiths (Life Vice President of the FDG and former Editor of Flydresser) - (Apr 2013)
For those of you who know and appreciate Terry and his work, we are please to report he is back at home and making a good recovery.  

Annual Raffle - (Apr 2013)

The Fly Dressers' Guild annual raffle has been launched and tickets are available for purchase. We have a great selection of prizes, which you can see on our Annual Raffle page. The raffle will be drawn at the British Fly Fair International, at 11:00 am on 23 June 2013.



With tickets priced at £1 each, the cost to you is less than half a pint of beer, but if all members bought just two tickets each, the raffle will once again represent a key source of income for the Guild. So please do try to buy a ticket or two if you can. 
Members of the Guild will have received (or will get) a book of tickets with the Spring issue of Flydresser, which you can buy for yourself, as a present to others (just what they wanted!) or sell to friends with an interest in fly tying*.

If you are running a stand at a local show and think you could sell tickets at the event*, or are not a member of the Guild and would like to buy tickets, please get in touch with Richard Ellis via



Two important points to note


1) Tickets are not for sale to or by persons under sixteen years.


2) If you received a set of raffle tickets printed in black ink on white paper, please click on this link



Update re Flydresser - (April 2013)  
Please note: The Spring issue of Flydresser was posted to members on 20th March. Unfortunately, our printers compounded the mistake they made with the Winter issue by dropping off up to 2 lines from the address labels this time, so many of you won't have received it.  Apologies for this, but I can assure you neither of these instances have been the fault of the Guild.  
The magazine was due to be re-printed over Easter (at no cost to the Guild), so that it was ready for mailing on 2nd April, but once again the printers let us down.  We are pleased to report that it is all now ready for despatch - with complete addresses this time ... 
Please note that we are having to replace the raffle tickets that went out with the first print run of the magazine. So if you have already received a magazine with raffle tickets printed in black ink, don't sell them to others or buy them for yourself. Wait until you get the magazine with the new tickets (printed in red ink) and use those instead. The magazine will also include a leaflet explaining how to return the old raffle tickets and what to do if you've already sold or bought any of them, or you can click on this link

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with Richard Ellis, Chris Reeves or Caroline Emmet if you have any questions.

Auction Sale of Roger Loodmer's Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Effects for the benefit of the Guild - (Mar 2013)
Roger Loodmer was Treasurer of The Fly Dressers' Guild from 1999 to 2004 and Financial Director of the Countryside Alliance.  He was a also member of The London Branch of The Fly Dressers' Guild and a superb fly fisherman and fly tyer.  He instructed Mike Humphreys that upon his death, his fly fishing and fly tying effects were to be sold and the proceeds donated to the Guild.  
The auction took place on 9th February and raised a total of £2,473 for the Guild, as the London Branch very generously absorbed the costs of the event. 
The Executive Committee is exceedingly grateful to the Loodmer family and the London Branch and will be reviewing options for how the Guild could best use this very generous contribution.  

Upcoming auctions and shows- (Jan 2013)
Please take a look at the Guild Events page to see our upcoming auctions and shows. 
If your Branch is going to be demonstrating at any shows, please send in the relevant details to Caroline Emmet on and contact Ken Nutting, Events Manager on if you want to chat about what support you could get from the Guild.   

Dressings Reference Library- (Jan 2013)
As some of you may have already seen, Bernard Sunderland from the Craven Branch of The Fly Dressers’ Guild, was instrumental in resurrecting the dressings from the old Guild website and turning them into a searchable database. 
Dressings Reference Library represents a valuable resource for fly tiers researching original dressings and the development of patterns, styles and materials.  It provides a record of around 2,000 established, named patterns taken from reputable published sources, listing the basic materials and the source of the information which can be referred to by anyone who wishes to verify the detail. 
The Guild is pleased to announce that in addition to making his software available to Guild members, Bernard has also agreed to become the curator of the Dressings Reference Library.  He is keen to keep growing the Library by adding other established patterns sourced from similarly reputable sources, with the help of other members. 
So please do get in touch with Bernard if you would like any patterns added to the database, or would like to suggest any other sources or can help out with this project ( 
From time to time, Bernard will publish a PDF extract of the Dressings Library based on a particular word search or theme – at present, you can find a list of all the dressings for flies which have the word “Greenwell” in their name or in the materials used. 

45th AGM of The Fly Dressers' Guild (December 2012)
The 45th AGM of The Fly Dressers' Guild was held on 21st October 2012, as advertised in the Summer edition of Flydresser and on the website.  Copies of all the AGM papers can be found on our "AGMs and SGMs" page.

The Fly Tying Boutique Big Fish Competition (December 2012)
Congratulations to Lee Hooper and Tony Lorrimer for winning the Brown and Rainbow Trout categories of the 2011/ 2012 Big Fish competition respectively.  Details of their respective entries and the flies used can be found on our "Big Fish Winners" page. 
The Guild is pleased to announce that Trade Member Phil Holding of Fly Tying Boutique has agreed to sponsor the 2012-2013 competition, providing a prize of flytying materials for each category. This prize together with a Guild certificate will be awarded to winner of each category at or after the AGM in 2013.  In recognition of Phil Holding’s generous support, the competition will be known as The Fly Tying Boutique Big Fish Competition for 2012/13. 

There are seven categories to enter:

  • Rainbow Trout
  • Brown Trout
  • Salmon
  • Grayling
  • Predatory Freshwater Fish
  • Non Predatory Freshwater Fish
  • Saltwater Fish

A full set of rules can be found on our "Fly Tying Boutique Big Fish Competition" page, but the key element is for you to catch a fish on a fly tied by yourself. So record your catches and send them in and who knows, you could be next year’s winner!

37th Annual John Watts Fishing Competition (August 2012)
The John Watts Competition took place on 25th August. A report on the day and the full results are available on our John Watts 2012 page. Pictures of the day have been posted in our Picture Gallery 

Update on the Annual Raffle (June 2012)
The Annual Raffle was drawn on 24th June at BFFI and prize winners are being notified and the prizes despatched to them. Could it be or was it you?
The raffle raised a fantastic £2,685 gross and £2,329 net - a huge increase on the last couple of years. A very big thank you to everyone who bought tickets and provided prizes, and lastly to Richard Ellis, who orchestrated it all.
The lucky winners are:

Main Prizes

R Kilroy
H Kesbeth
J Morris
D Peters
C Foster

Fly Box

J Kendrick
B Marshall




D M Thomas
B Peak
P Lawrence
M Hall
G Gosen
M Blaber
C Emmet
N Kinghorn
D Dicks
Mr Heymer
S Fisher
K Russell


Malcolm Greenhalgh draws the raffle whilst organiser Richard Eliis looks on
(photograph courtesy of Richard Ellis)


Fly Dressers' Guild Questionnaire(February 2012)



In response to feedback from members who attended the November 2011 AGM, the Executive Committee circulated a short survey with the Spring Edition of Flydresser, to give all members the opportunity to make their view known.


Thank you to all of you who took the time to respond and in many cases, provide detailed feedback. You can review the results here 

Fly Dressers' Guild forum (January 2012)
A new forum for the Guild has been set up on Fly Fishing Forum. Go to, if you're not already a member, register with them, and then scroll down to the "Fly Tying" section, and down to "Fly Dressers Guild".  Once you're a member, you can go straight to
The purpose of the forum is to give members a way to communicate with each other, branches and of course the Executive Committee of the main Guild. Branches are welcome to publish their programmes or details of events here. We also welcome non-members to the forum and hope that maybe they will join the Guild in time.
Please note - this is not meant to be a vehicle for attacking individuals or committee decisions; that said we welcome constructive ideas and genuine offers of help. Please remember that your committee are all volunteers, running the Guild for your benefit.
It may not be appropriate to answer some questions via the forum, e.g. individual membership issues, other other issues which would be best dealt with via an email to the relevant officer of the Guild. We also reserve the right to refer questions to the EC and reply to individuals rather than through the forum.

Last modified on 30 January, 2016