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Pattern Library

You could help enrich this section of the Members' Area by sending in your own successful patterns - this will lead to a far more interesting and useful Pattern Library than if you just rely on the EC to populate it.  Don't be put off by formatting or photographs - we can sort that out at this end. 


If you have any specific requests or contributions to offer, please get in touch with Caroline Emmet on 

Note: Some of these files are quite large, so please give them time to open up. You will need Adobe Reader to view the files. If you haven't got the programme on your computer already, please go to Adobe's website and download it - or click here.  
If you would like to improve the consistency of your flies, and/or are tying flies for a competition, make sure you read Tim Benn's "Prizes and Surprises" article, published in the Winter 2012 issue of Flydresser and available as an extract here. NEW! (Jan)

John Smith on John Goddard


John Goddard was a founding member of the Surrey Branch of The Fly Dressers' Guild.  The video clips below are extracts from the Branch's "tribute to John Goddard" meeting, where a good friend of John's, John Smith, tied some of John's patterns, explained their background and reminisced about the man.  The clips also contain a fount of advice on fly tying materials, techniques and tools.  

Click here to access the following video clips
John Smith on John Goddard - introduction
The Tungsten Hare's Ear
The Persuader
The Suspender
The G&H Sedge
The Poly May Dun 

With many thanks to the Surrey Flydressers' Guild, to John Smith and to Colin Spicer, and many apologies for the somewhat rough and ready truncation of Colin's excellent filming, required to comply with YouTube's limits … 

A copy of the full DVD of the evening is available from the Surrey Flydressers' Guild - please contact their Chairman, Chris Reeves, at  



Contributions from Members


Mayfly Emerger
(Carl Skinn) added March 2017

Yellow Dung Fly (Eddie Wilkinson) 0.3MB 
Black and Blue Comet - Stillwater Trout version (Chris Reeves) - 0.2MB
Blue Flash Damsel (Chris Reeves) - VIDEO CLIP 
Brian's Fly (Chris Reeves) - 0.2MB
Chickabou Emerger (Johan Klingberg) - 0.2MB
Cove's Pheasant Tail (Chris Reeves) - 0.2MB
Dubbing Ball Emerger (Phil Bilbrough) - VIDEO CLIP

Flank Feather Shadow Mayflies (Geoff Wilcox) - 0.5MB

Fluff Cat (Chris Reeves) - 0.1MB
Footballer adaptation (Phil Bilbrough) - VIDEO CLIP
Sebastian Something - Saltwater (Chris Reeves) -  0.2MB

Soldier Beetle Variations (Alan Middleton) - 0.3MB

Vee Wing Emerger (Chris Sandford) - VIDEO CLIP

See also Eddie Wilkinson's articles on flies for rivers, small streams and still waters in our "Other Articles" page.



N.B.  For the avoidance of doubt, the name of the person in brackets is the name of the person who sent in the pattern to the Library, not necessarily the person who originated the fly pattern.



Patterns from Overseas Tyers and Other Friends of the FDG


Fry Pattern for a Sunny Day (Frances Davies) - VIDEO CLIP 
Articulated Stonefly Nymph (Sergio Cordoba) - 0.5MB
Thunder & Lighting Variant (Anders Stahl) - 0.3MB




Committee's Choice


Black and Yellow - 0.2MB 
Blood worm three ways - 0.4MB 
Diawl Bach - 0.3MB 
Gold Bead Blue Flash Damsel - 0.2MB
Pearly Cormorant - 0.3MB 
Sawyer Nymph - 0.3MB 
Turkey Mayfly Spinner - 0.3MB 


Patterns from past issues of Flydresser 


Ace of Spades (Spring 2009) 0.5MB 
Alder Larva (Summer 2004) 0.5MB 
Atomic Anchovy (Summer 2010) 0.9MB 
Baigent's Brown (Summer 2007) 2.1MB 
Ballinaroone (Winter 2003) 0.5MB 
Black Peacock & Coral Tadpole (Autumn 2004) 0.4MB 
Black Pennell 0.2MB 
Blue Charm (Autumn 2009) 1.1MB  
Bugpole (Winter 2007) 0.2MB 
Copper Bugger (Summer 2004) 0.7MB 
Cosseboom (Spring 2011) 0.1MB 
Daffyd Lloyd (Autumn 2010) 0.3MB 
Glass Bead Buzzers (Autumn 2005) 0.4MB 
Gorgeous George (Trout Version)(Summer 2009) 4MB
Green Highlander (Autumn 2012) 150KB 

Green Machine(Winter 2007) 0.7MB 

Hair Hackle Hares Nymph (Winter 2003) 0.5MB 
Halfback (Spring 2007) 0.6MB 
Hydro Fly (Spring 2011) 0.6MB 
Invicta (Autumn 2005) 1MB
J G Emerger (Spring 2004) 1MB 
Leadhead (Winter 2003) 0.5MB 
Marabou Damsel (Spring 2004) 0.6MB 
Muddler Minnow (Winter 2007) 0.7MB 
No Name Fly (Spring 2003) 0.2MB 
One Up Mayfly(Spring 2004) 1MB 
Professor (Summer 2010) 0.9MB 
Pulling Hopper (Winter 2004) 0.7MB  
Red Ghost Special (Winter 2011) 0.7MB 
Rolled Wing Olive (Winter 2010) 0.4MB 
Rosy Dawn (Autumn 2004 to Spring 2005) 1.8MB 
Skating Caddis (Summer 2010) 1MB 
Silver Doctor variant (Summer 2011) 0.6MB 
Soldier Palmer variant (Summer 2011) 0.4MB 
Snaelda (Autumn 2008) 2.7MB
Teeny Nymph (Spring 2007) 0.9MB 
Terry's Terror (Winter 2007) 0.4KB 
Tiger Nymph (Spring 2004) 1.4MB
Virtual Minnow (Spring 2010) 4.5MB 
Vulnerable Dun (Winter 2007) 1.8MB 


Members' Contributions



A big thank you is due to Andy Steer of the Sussex Branch, who has scanned most of the Flydresser patterns available on this page - without him, we would have had a much poorer starting point to our Library. 


Please do help to further enrich this area further and make it a valuable resource for members by sending in your own contributions to the Pattern Library - get in touch with Mike Doran on if you'd like to do so. 






 Last modified on 16 March, 2017