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What's new here? (Updated - April 2017)

April 2017

  • Guild events fully updated
  • Your EC page updated with committee changes and new photos
  • News of Annual Raffle - 2017 50th Anniversary

June 2017 - March 2017

  • Various periodic updates

May 2016

  • John Watts 2016 information and entry form
  • Fly Tying Competition 2016 - results summary
  • Guild events updated
  • Branch updates from Hertfordshire and North West

March 2016

  • Awards achievements updated
  • Branch updates from Bristol, Hertfordshire, Kennet, North West and Worcester
  • Updated Guild insurance certificate posted

January 2016

  • New Merchandising Manager - Paul Lawrence - joins the Executive Committee, replacing David Spencer
  • Awards achievements updated
  • Branch updates from East Anglia, Hertfordshire, Luggiebank, Northumbria, North West, Wessex and Worcester
  • Hertfordshire Branch's Tie Team Event

October 2015

September 2015

  • 2015 Raffle results
  • 2015 John Watts Competition results
  • 2015 Fly Tying Competition results

August 2015

  • Two new Trade Members - Firemoon Flies and HDC McKenzie Sporting
  • Guild insurance certificate - latest version

March 2015
  • 2015 John Watts Trophy - 29 August 2015 at Graffham Water - entries now open
  • Latest newsletters from Northwest and Herts branches
    • Thank you Northwest and Herts - now how about some news from other branches?
  • Not getting any younger?  Read this article by Eddie Wilkinson on the joys of "Going light" (sorry - you need to be an FDG member to see this!)
  • Watch this space for a review of Neil Patterson's new book: Flyfisher's Chronicle (out now)
  • Coming soon: some video clips featuring one of our younger fly tiers from Thames Valley, Ben Beckwith

February 2015

December 2014 / January 2015 

On the "open to all" part of the website On the Members' Area 
  • Updates for Cheltenham and Gloucester, North Kent, Northumbria, North West, Sheffield and High Peak, Wiltshire Chalk Streams
  • Latest newsletters from the Herts and Northwest Branches
  • Cambrian Branch Tying Programme for 2014/15
  • Branch Secretaries - please do send me your updates; I shall be chasing you! - Webmaster
  • Wey Valley's new website is now online at

Changes to Your Executive Committee

  • Peter Gathercole takes over as Chairman from Charles Jardine
  • Charles continues as Vice-Chairman
  • David Spencer joins as Merchandising Manager
  • Mike Doran joins to take on the Webmaster and Content Manager roles (

Flydresser Journal

  • Letters to the editor - responses to the Autumn Flydresser Editorial

47th AGM

  • 2013/2014 Accounts added

Coming Soon:

  • Rogues Gallery from the Burton Show
  • "Letter from America" - from Mike Hogue, a fly tyre and tackle shop owner from the Finger Lakes area of Upper New York State

  • Congratulations to all who have achieved their first award or upgraded their pervious level to a higher plane!
    • Gold: Darrell Howard
    • Silver: Howard Bishop of Wandle Piscators; Stephen Reece, Brian Stokes and John Symonds of Worcester Branch
    • Bronze: Paul Griffin, John Bennett, Ronnie Orr, Roger Parton, Alex Burns, Bill Ogilvie and Barry Dean of Milngavie; Denise Payne, John Harris, John Thirlaway, Les Cooke, Mike Hornsey, Derek Peters and Jean Turner of Wiltshire Chalk Streams; Jim O'Brien of Leeds Branch; Richard Garbett, Fred Du Pre and Stephen Rand
  • Congratulations on Instructor qualifications:
    • John Reid of Chiltern Branch and Paul Lawrence of Thames Valley Branch; both have qualified to instruct and assess at Silver level;
    • Richard Ellis of Thames Valley Branch who has achieved an upgrade to the Silver assessment level to go with his existing Silver Instructor level

  • Updates to details of Trade Members and discounts available to Members of the Guild
    • December 2014: note changes to Glasgow Angling (Fishing Megastore) scheme
  • New discounts:
    • Eyebrook Tackle Shop
    • Virtual Nymph Products - Jan 2015: discount code and rate now shown on Members' Pages

October/ December Updates and Additions
On the "open to all" part of the website                           On the Members' Area

47th AGM
  • Agenda for the 47th AGM 
  • Pictures from the AGM Bank Competition

Members' Requests and Offers
  • Members' Advert: First edition of Robert Venables' 'The Experienced Angler' for sale 

  • New East Anglia Branch formed - updated details for the branch.
  • Also updates for Leeds, Luggiebank and Wiltshire Chalk Streams
  • Latest newsletters from the Herts and Northwest Branches
  • Cambrian Branch Tying Programme for 2014/15

Fly Tying Competition
  • Details of the 2014/15 Fly Tying Competition

  • New simplified Risk Assessment templates, covering meetings, shows and fishing outings

Members' Discounts
  • Updates to details of Trade Members and discounts available to Members of the Guild 

July/ Sep 2014 Updates and Additions
On the "open to all" part of the website                           On the Members' Area
Notice of AGM and AGM Bank Fishing Competition
  • Notice of 47th AGM 
  • Details of AGM Bank Fishing Competition

  • Details of first meeting of potential new Branch for East Anglia.
  • September Herts Branch Hackle with 2015/15 programme. 

Fly Tying Workshop
  • Hands on fly-tying workshop on grayling flies run by the FDG
  • Open to members and non-members.  Limited spaces. 

Picture Gallery
  • Video clip from the Rutland Water Fly Fishing Day.
  • Video clips from the CLA Game Fair. 

Fly Tying Competition
  • Details of this year's winners.

  • Results of the 39th John Watts Boat Competition
Guild Awards
  • Updated list of instructors. 
  • Final version of the Gold Awards book 



April - June 2014 Updates and Additions
On the "open to all" part of the website On the Members' Area 
Annual Raffle results
  • The Annual Raffle was drawn on 14th June - for a list of the prizes and the winners, go to our Annual Raffle results page. 

  • New issues of the North West and Herts publications for their members.  Look out for interesting patterns and even recipes! 

  • A warm welcome to new Trade Member, PWW Designs, who is offering FDG members a 10% discount off all on-line purchases.  For details on who to access the discount, log into our Members' Area page and then select 'Members' Discounts' from the menu.

  • A small begging bowl addressed to members:  if you have any spare flies going in your fly boxes or need an excuse to tie up some more, we would love to use them to promote the Guild at the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships!  Please go to our News and Events page for more details.  

  • Details and booking form for the grayling Fly-Tying Workshop announced in the Summer issue of Flydresser.

  • Information, rules and entry form now available  - IGNORE the date on Flydresser: the date is Saturday 23rd August 2014.  

  • A few more pictures, of the Worcester Branch, added to the Elinor photo show. 

  • Insurance certificate for 2014-15 and link to policy document
  • A new document has been added, with answers to frequently asked questions about the scheme
  • Plus new additions to the list of members who have achieved one of the awards - many congratulations!  



February/ March 2014 Updates and Additions
On the "open to all" part of the website On the Members' Area 
News & Events
  • Links to Trade Member Chris Sandford's new episode of 'Stuff'!

Guild Events
  • London branch auctions, Rickmansworth
  • Rutland Youth Fly Fishing Day
  • CLA Game Fair at Blenheim Palace - more info on the Fishing Village and House of Fishing
  • Burton on Trent fly show
  • iFISH at Hayward's Heath
  • North Kent Branch shows
  • Guild Fishing Competitions 

  • New contact details for Chilterns Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Club
  • New contact details for Wey Valley Branch
  • Newsletters from the Herts and Northwest Branches - worth looking through for patterns and fishing ideas!

  • FDG fly fishing/ fly tying shirts are now available via the website
  • The Gold Awards Syllabus is now available on the website

  • A new pattern from Eddie Wilkinson for the Yellow Dung Fly

December 2013/ January 2014 Updates and Additions
On the "open to all" part of the websiteOn the Members' Area
About us - Organisation and Your EC
  • Updates to EC following 46th AGM.

About us - AGMs and SGMs

  • Minutes of the 46th AGM.

About us - Constitution, etc.
  • Updated constitution 

Guild Events
  • Special offer for FDG members at BFFI.
Joining or Renewing? and Flydresser
  • Explanation of Trade Membership benefits.
  • Flydresser Advertising Rates.
  • New newsletters from the Herts Branch and the Northwest Branch - check them out for patterns and fishing ideas!
  • Updates to various Branches' programmes, contact details and meeting venues.

New Branch in Scotland!
  • We're delighted to announce that the Milngavie Fly Dressers have decided to become a branch of the Guild - a warm welcome to you all!
  • Updates published in Winter 2013 issue of Flydresser

  • Details of the new Spring Bank Competition
  • Results of the Big Fish Competition and updated categories and criteria, as published in the Autumn Flydresser
Guild Awards
  • Updated "Roll of Honour" - congratulations to two more Gold Level fly tiers and our youngest Bronze fly tier!
  • Updated Instructors and Assessors list, including details for Wiltshire Chalk Streams Branch

Pattern Library
  • John Smith, a close friend of John Goddard's, ties 5 of JG's patterns whilst talking about fly-tying materials, techniques and tools and about JG himself. 

Hints and Tips
  • Various hints and tips from Deneki Outdoors email newsletter, via our newest Branch, The Wandle Piscators Fly Dressers' Guild. 

Other Articles
  • A trio of articles by Eddie Wilkinson.






September/ October Updates and Additions   
On the "open to all" part of the website  On the Members' Area
About us - AGMs and SGMs
  • Agenda for the Guild's 46th AGM, as published in the Autumn issue of Flydresser
  • Officers' Reports - these will be taken as read at the AGM

Branch News
  • Results of the 2013 Scottish Inter-Branch Competition
  • Worcester Branch in action at Hatton Park

Picture Gallery
  • The Guild in action at Chatsworth Countryside Show

  • New programmes for Kennet Valley and Wiltshire Chalk Streams
  • North West Branch's September newsletter
  • Updated programme for Wessex 

  • Categories, flies and dressings for the new fly tying competition

  • Results of the 2013 John Watts competition
 Guild Awards
  • Updated "Roll of Honour" - congratulations to all!

Hints and tips
  • New updates

August Updates and Additions                                         

On the "open to all" part of the website   


On the Members' Area
About us - AGMs and SGMs
  • Notice of the Guild's 46th AGM (and Bankside Fly Fishing Competition), as published in the Summer issue of Flydresser

Guild Events

  • New additions for August, September and October
  • Reminder of the Guild's AGM and friendly Bankside Fly Fishing Competition 
Branch News
  • The Wiltshire Branch tie taser flies and raise money for Fishing for Heroes.  They also proved the flies work!

Picture Gallery
  • Short VIDEO CLIP of the Hereford Branch in action
  • Further updates to Branch entries

  • List of flies for Silver and Gold Awards
  • Updated list of instructors

  • VIDEO CLIPS for two patterns added

Dressings Library
  • New extract from the Dressings Library listing all patterns that include the words "Bronze Mallard"
  • Various new hints and tips added, including new VIDEO CLIPS 

  • Furled Tenkara leaders
  • Fact sheet on Lyme's Disease
  • Another trout-related recipe

  • Opportunity to buy furled leaders from Jack Wilson (bulk orders through Branch Secretaries only, please)


May/ July Updates and Additions                                         

On the "open to all" part of the website   


On the Members' Area
Annual Raffle - Exchange
  • Raffle prize winners
  • Details of "old" tickets exchanged for "new" tickets

News and Events

Various updates including:
  • Electronic survey for members on the Fly Tying and Big Fish competitions
  • Guild Twitter address
  • Offer of discounted tickets to Longleat fishing show

Guild Events
  • Updated list of Guild Events 
  • Discounted tickets and detailed programme for the FDG stand at BFFI
  • Discounted tickets and detailed programme for the FDG tent at Longleat
  • VIDEO CLIP of the Guild in action at BFFI
  • VIDEO CLIP of the Guild in action at the Longleat show

Branch News
  • North Kent Branch show report
  • News of a new branch forming in Devon
  • News of a new branch forming in South London
Branches - England
  • Change of venue for Congleton Branch
  • New website address for the Skipton Flytyers
  • Latest newsletter from the North West Branch
  • Details of the new Roadford & District Branch in Devon
  • Details of the new Wandle Piscators Branch in South London

  • Details of the Cambria Branch now correctly located here
  • Results of the 2012/13 competition and link to electronic survey
  • Two new entries

  • Updated list of all equipment available for Branches to borrow for their shows
  • Updated list of members willing to help at shows

March/ April Updates and Additions                                          

On the "open to all" part of the website   
 March/ April Updates and Additions                                  

On the Members' Area
  • Updated to reflect the current EC

Constitution, etc. 
  • New Guidelines and Editorial Policy for Flydresser
 Pattern Library
  • New VIDEO CLIP of a fry pattern by Frances Davies
News and EventsGuild Events and Annual Raffle
  • Various updates 
  • A number additions, including VIDEO CLIPS  
Branches - England
  • A number of updates to programmes and contacts 
  • A number of new articles sent in by members - thank you! 
The Fly Tying Boutique Big Fish Competition
  • A new entry for the competition
  • 2013/14 Insurance Certificate
  • Reminder to branches relying on the insurance 
  • Some old favourites are now on the website

December/ January additions



Just starting?

  • Advice from Geoff Bucknall to all fly tyers

Organisation and Your EC

  • Updated to reflect the current line up of the EC

In Honour ...

  • Addition of Terry Griffiths as Life Vice President

New and EventsGuild EventsBranch NewsMembers' Requests

  • Various updates regarding the Guild, its Branches and members

Here's How ...

  • Updated membership subscriptions and forms

Fly Tying Competition

  • Address for entries 

Big Fish Competition

  • Updates regarding the 2012/13 competition and prizes

Big Fish Entries

  • New entries for the 2012/13 competition

Big Fish Winners

  • Details of the fly used by Tony Lorrimer to catch his winning rainbow trout
  • Link to the pattern for the fly that caught Lee Hooper his winning brown trout (available only to members)

Guild Awards Scheme (in Members' Area)

  • New Bronze Syllabus

Pattern Library (in Members' Area)

  • Four new patterns added in the "Members Contribution" column

Dressings Reference Library (in Members' Area)

  • Now available for download for Mac and Linux users as well as PCs
  • Extract showing the dressings of patterns that include the word "Greenwells"
  • Appeal for help to develop this valuable resource


November additions

  • Updates reflecting the outcome of the October 2012 AGM


  • Revised constitution reflecting the outcome of the 2012 AGM


  • All documents relating to the 2012 AGM


  • New "Members Requests" page


  • Updated list of instructors
  • Summer issue of Flydresser


  • New patterns, including a VIDEO CLIP on how to tie the Vee Wing Emerger and the dressing for the Green Highlander for the 2012/13 Fly Tying Competition


  • PDF version of the Dressings Library


  • Two new articles: one on comparing fly tying threads and a new article on organising shows 




August to October additions



AGMs and SGMsand News & Events

  • Agenda for the 45th AGM of The Fly Dressers' Guild


News & Events

  • Results of John Watts competition and previous winners


Branch News

  • VIDEO CLIP of the Fishing Discovery Zone at the Malvern Autumn show, organised by the Worcester Branch
  • A round up of various Branches' activities over the summer

Picture Gallery

  • VIDEO CLIP of the Burton on Trent Game Angling & Fly Tying Festival 2012



  • Updates for various branches


Guild Awards Scheme

  • Update on the Guild Fly Tying Awards Scheme
  • A list of registered instructors and assessors and the current roll of honour


Fly Tying Competition

  • Details of the 2012/13 competition


Big Fish Competitions

  • New entry



  • We're beginning to run very low on some items - if you're interested, place your order sooner rather than later!


Pattern Library

  • A number of new patterns have been added, including those for the 2012/13 competition


Dressings Library

  • The pattern library that used to be available on the old Fly Dressers' Guild website is now available again in a searchable format


Other Articles

  • A new article on fishing during, and flies for, the rainy season of 2012

Special Offers

  • Some new special offers for members


Speakers' List

  • Updated version


Support for Shows

  • A list of the Guild's display equipment available on loan and updated list of members willing to help at shows  





 Last modified on 16 April, 2017