Support for Shows

If you are organising a demonstration at a show, exhibition, or similar event, please do get in touch with the General Secretary to see how the main Guild could support you.

Please note: it is not the Guild’s intention to “muscle in” on branches local shows or dictate what you can or should do, but we would be very happy to:

  • loan Branches our display equipment (see below);
  • send Branches leaflets on the Guild, membership forms, standing order forms and back issues of Flydresser magazine;
  • provide contact details of members who have indicated they are willing to help out at shows (see below).

If you intend to take advantage of the Guild’s civil liability insurance, please see the information on our Insurance page and make sure you comply with the necessary requirements.

You might want to also read the articles submitted by members of the North Kent and Worcester branches on organising shows: Organising Fly Tying Shows and Waving the Flag, both of which have some very helpful and complementary suggestions.

Finally, if you are providing support at a show or are thinking of doing so, you might want to have a look at this Guide to Tying Flies at Shows and Fairs, which has some very helpful suggestions.

Display equipment available on loan

The Guild recently has recently purchased a number of display items, show cased below, which Branches are encouraged to borrow for their own shows, to ensure a common “corporate” image.

A complete list of the Guild’s equipment can be found below, together with photographs and dimensions of some of the main items and instructions on their assembly. Photographs and detailed descriptions of the rest of the items will be added in due course.

Some of the equipment is held in Surrey and some in Worcester. If you would like to borrow any of the equipment, please contact the General Secretary on

Please note:

A Branch Officer must sign for the equipment and undertake to return it in its original condition within the time frame agreed, notify the General Secretary of any wear and tear, and pay for the replacement of any item that has been lost or is no longer fit for purpose.

Branches should endeavour to get the equipment to and from their Branch Officer at no or little cost to the Guild and the Branch. The Guild may be prepared to cover 50% of reasonable shipping/ travel costs incurred to get the equipment to and from the Branch Officer safely – to be agreed on a case by case basis.

Members willing to provide support for shows

A number of Branch and non-Branch members have indicated that they are interested in helping out at shows (see file below). If you are organising a show in their area or an area that they have indicated they’re willing to travel to, please do consider enlisting their help. To get in touch with them, please contact our Membership Secretary

If you would like to provide support at shows and your name is not on the list (or your details are incorrect or incomplete), please contact Mike Doran.