The results for the 2018 Fly Tying Competition will be published in the Summer 2018 issue of Flydresser, together with the patterns set for the FDG Fly-tying Competition 2019.

We are delighted that long time winner and champion of the FDG Fly-tying Competition, Stuart Bowdin, has kindly agreed to set the flies for 2019.

All entries must be sent to Richard Ellis, The Belfry, Monks Walk, ASCOT, SL5 9AZ by Tuesday 19 March 2019 at 17:00. Late entries will not be accepted. Please note that the judge will only look at the dressing below, the references are provided for guidance.

The dressings and the rules for entry can be found below.


Novice Trout— Double Badger— Flydresser Winter 2016 page 32

Hook—Size 14 dry
Rear hackle—Badger cock hackle
Body—Peacock herl
Front hackle—Badger cock hackle

Open Trout— Royal Wulff— Flydresser Winter 2017 page 30
Hook—Size 14 dry
Tail—Black/brown moose body or Bucktail
Body—Peacock herl with band of red floss
Wing—White calf tail
Hackle—Two brown hackles

Prize Winners Trout—The Famous Grouse— Flydresser Autumn 2017 page 12

Hook—Size 10 nymph
Tail—Slip from Grouse tail
Rib—Oval silver tinsel
Body—Flat silver tinsel
Collar hackle—Grouse rump feather
Wings—Matching slips from Grouse wing or tail
Body hackle—Grizzle
Cheeks—Jungle cock nails or artificial Jungle cock nails

Novice Salmon— The Executioner— Flydresser Spring 2016 page 44

Hook—Size 10 Double
Tag—Oval silver tinsel
Tail—Golden Pheasant crest
But—Red silk or floss
Body—Flat silver tinsel
Rib—Oval silver tinsel
Throat hackle—Black cock hackle
Wing—Black squirrel tail

Open Salmon—The Nitro Shrimp—Flydresser Spring 2018 page 8

Hook—Size 8 Double
Tag—Oval silver tinsel
Tail—Golden Pheasant breast dyed red
Rib—Oval silver tinsel (3 turns)
Rear body—Orange Mylar tinsel (eg  Uni two tone Peacock/orange)
Mid hackle—Sunburst Yellow or ordinary yellow hen hackle
Rib—Oval silver tinsel (2 turns)
Front body—Red seals fur
Front hackle—Natural Badger Cock hackle
Cheeks—Jungle cock nails or artificial Jungle cock nails

Prize Winners Salmon—The Kinnermony Killer Variant—Flydresser Spring 2017 page 13

Hook—Size 8 double
Tag—Oval silver tinsel
Rear body—Flat holographic silver tinsel
Rib—Oval silver tinsel
Mid hackle—Yellow cock hackle
Front body—Black floss
Second hackle—Orange cock hackle
Underwing—Orange and yellow bucktail mixed plus 3 strands of crystal flash
Wing—Black Artic Runner
Front hackle—Blue cock hackle
Cheeks—Jungle cock nails or artificial Jungle cock nails

Dry Fly— Paraloop Olive—- Flydresser Spring 2014 page 14

Hook—Nymph Size 14
Tail—Olive hackle fibres
Body—Olive thread
Post—Antron yarn or similar
Thorax—Olive dubbing

Creative Fly
Fly of your choice but must include a WALLY WING not a wonderwing.


Rules and Entry Form

The full rules and entry form can be obtained by sending a SAE to Richard Ellis, FDG Awards Manager, The Belfry, Monks Walk, ASCOT SL5 9AZ. or by clicking on the link below

If you would like to improve the consistency of your flies, and/or are tying flies for a competition, make sure you read Tim Benn’s “Prizes and Surprises” article, published in the Winter 2012 issue of Flydresser and available as an extract here.

Summary, rules and entry form:

2019 Summary of Dressings (Word Document)
2019 Summary of Dressings (PDF)
2019 Rules (Word Document)
2019 Rules (PDF)
2019 Entry Form (Word Document)
2019 Entry Form (PDF)