Richard Ellis is standing down as FDG Awards Manager effective 31 st May 2019. Richard has run the FDG’s annual fly tying competition for the last six years and grateful thanks are due for his hard work and diligence during his tenure in this role. Dave
Taylor, who is active in running the tying programmes for both the Surrey and Wey Valley branches takes over as FDG Awards Manager from 1 st June 2019.

The FDG will provide a trophy and certificate to all winners and Veniard have again kindly agreed to support the competition by providing a prize for the winning entry for each category (one prize per person, regardless of the number of categories won). As ever, we are grateful to Veniard for their generous support, and to our Chairman Peter Gathercole for agreeing to judge the competition once again.

Competition Categories and Flies

Novice TroutRed Zebra Devil Nymph
Novice SalmonThe Silver Stoat
Open TroutThe Adams
Open SalmonThe Cascade
Prize Winners TroutRubber-Legged Stonefly Nymph
Prize Winners SalmonThe Logie (Low water, strip-wing)
Dry FlyThe Streaking Quill
Creative FlyA fly of your choice but must include woven/plaited material(s) in the dressing


How to Enter

A brief overview of how to enter is set out below. Please read the full rules and follow the instructions carefully.

  • To take part, you must submit three identical samples (tied by yourself) of the fly for the category or categories you wish to
    enter, placed in a suitable clean container (one per category) labelled with your membership number.
  • Each entry must be accompanied by a duly completed entry form (one form per category).
    Entries must be received by the FDG Awards Manager by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday 17 th March 2020. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • The novice Trout and Salmon categories are open to tyers who have been tying for less than two years and who have not won a prize in a previous FDG or other national competitions.
  • The Open Trout and Salmon categories are for all tyers who have been tying for two years or more and who have not won or been a runner up in an FDG competition in the relevant category.
  • The Prize Winners categories are only for tyers who have previously won or been a runner up in the corresponding Open
  • The Dry Fly and Creative categories are open to all FDG members.
  • Winners of multiple categories will only receive one prize.
  • The full rules and entry form can be found in the Fly-Tying Competition section on the FDG website or obtained by sending an s.a.e. to Dave Taylor, FDG Awards Manager, 14 Boundstone Road, Wrecclesham, FARNHAM, GU10 4TQ. All entries should also be sent to this address.


Flies and Dressings

Novice Trout – Red Zebra Devil Nymph
Autumn 2018 pages, 29-31

Click here for tying instructions

Hook: Jig hook, #14
Bead: Silver tungsten, 3mm
Thread: Black
Tail: Coq de Leon
Rib: Red Tinsel, small
Body: Black thread, coated with varnish or UV resin
Thorax: Hends Spectra Deep Blue Peacock #47 dubbing, or similar
Hackle: CdC fibres, natural

Open Trout – The Adams
Autumn 2018, page 8

Hook: Down-eyed dry, #12
Thread: Grey
Wings: Grizzle hackle-tips
Tail: Grizzle and brown cock hackle fibres, mixed together
Body: Grey muskrat dubbing (minus guard hairs)
Hackle: Grizzle and brown cock hackles wound together

Prize Winners Trout—Rubber-Legged Stonefly Nymph
Peter Gathercole’s “The Fly Tying Bible”, pages 146-147

Hook: 3X Longshank nymph (FM 31270, or similar), #12
Thread: Black
Underbody: Adhesive lead foil
Tail: Black goose biots
Rib: Black vinyl ribbing
Body: Blend of black Antron dubbing with rust, orange, claret & purple fur
Wing Cases: Mottled turkey feather, treated with a flexible fixative
Antennae: Black goose biots
Legs: Black rubber strands, fine
Thorax: Same dubbing as body

Novice Salmon – Silver Stoat
Autumn 2013, pages 27-29

Click here for tying instructions

Hook: Double, #10
Thread: Black
Tag & Rib: Oval silver tinsel, small
Tail: Golden Pheasant crest
Body: Flat silver tinsel
Hackle: Black hen hackle
Wing: Black squirrel tail
Head: Black

Open Salmon – The Cascade
Spring 2014, pages 36-38

Hook: Size 12 Salar Double, or CS16U/2 Patriot Up-Eyed Double, or CS16/2Y Patriot Barbless Up-Eyed Double
Thread: Black
Tail: Hot orange and yellow bucktail, mixed with 3 strands of silver Krystal Flash over
Rib: Oval silver tinsel
Rear Body: Flat silver tinsel
Front Body: Black floss
Wing: Black squirrel hair with 2 strands pearl Krystal Flash over
Hackle: Yellow dyed cock hackle followed by a hot orange hackle in front
Head: Black

Prize Winners Salmon – The Logie (Low Water, Strip-wing)
Spring 2013, pages 22-23

Hook: Low water single, #8
Thread: Black
Tag: Oval silver tinsel, fine
Tail: Golden pheasant crest
Rib: Oval silver tinsel
Rear Body: Yellow floss
Front Body: Red floss
Throat Hackle: Pale blue dyed hen saddle hackle
Wing: Yellow dyed swan or turkey strips, set upright
Wing Veiling: Bronze mallard strips
Head: Black

Dry Fly – The Streaking Quill
Autumn 2014, pages 20-24

Hook: Down-eyed dry, #12
Thread: GSP or other strong, flat thread
Body: Moose mane fibres, one dark and one light, coated with UV cured resin
Wing/Head: Deer hair

Creative Fly
Fly of your choice but must include woven or plaited material(s) in the


If you would like to improve the consistency of your flies, and/or are tying flies for a competition, make sure you read Tim Benn’s “Prizes and Surprises” article, published in the Winter 2012 issue of Flydresser and available as an extract here.

Rules and entry form:

Fly Tying competition Rules 2019-20
Fly Tying Competition Entry Form 2019-20